Our challenge & mission

To be the #1 provider of science-backed, institutional grade strategy, execution and decision making products for early-stage ventures and investors.

We bring scientific precision and rigour to early-stage venturing and investing.

We bridge the ‘trust gap’ between venture creators and investors during the pioneering phases, and throughout your relationship.

Early-stage ventures must cross no-man’s land.

Truly pioneering ventures have few market benchmarks to judge success, and…

Building value ahead of full market traction means revenues and profits are unreliable indicators of value and risk, so…

To meet, creators must endure extended trial and error, or investors must make subjective leaps of faith…or both!

Our unique approach means better dealmaking and fewer misses.

Our experience building, investing in, and advising new ventures has culminated in state-of-the-art, proprietary advisory products for investors, founding teams and corporates.

Who we serve

We drive decision support for investors, building trajectories for creators, and product inception and build-out for corporates.


Get impeccably researched and articulated investment recommendations at key stages in the deal-making life-cycle. Close better value deals, avoid non-performers, and manage portfolios more effectively.

  • Make institutional quality decisions, even in the early phases of ventures.
  • Add cost effective scale to your deal screening and DD resources.
  • Compete, even with curated (less diversified) portfolios and without specialist in-house analyst teams.
Venture creators

Get innovation ready, value maximising success roadmaps, updatable at any point in the growth cycle. Compete with ‘builder-backed’ ventures.

  • Find fit faster
  • Shorten time to investment
  • Maintain independence and
  • Improve founder economics

Get expert consulting and project leadership support that integrates with your internal processes and resources.

  • Ideate, validate, design, and build-out new lines from inception.
  • Expand with products that have exceptional fit and strategic alignment, without specialist internal venture building expertise.

    How we do it

    The market speaks, so we give it commercial voice. We use these benchmarks to stress test opportunities and to build for tighter fit.

    “Market-designed” benchmarks

    Even in this data age, few businesses are ‘designed’, despite substantial signalling and noise about what markets and customers want.

    We make sense of the market signals and noise, mapping the intricate web of value proposition and business model blueprints that will define the opportunity space.

    These ‘benchmarks’ are the ideal sounding boards to stress-test, reshape, evaluate and plan ventures throughout their pioneering phases.

     Step 1: Distil the market voice.

    We ‘talk’ and ‘listen’ to the market with deep focus, giving it a ‘voice’ and letting it ‘design’ the ideal set of value propositions and models.

    Knowing where to look and how to listen, we identify the signs of a genuine opportunity, and distil these into precise value propositions.

    Step 2: Map the critical success pathways.

    We project the market-designed benchmarks forward according to best practice models and growth approaches, revealing the optimal set of roadmaps that lead to market exploitation, growth and exit.

    This reveals fine detail about the possible business model options, growth trajectories, inflection and pivot points.

    Step 3: Match business trajectory to benchmark success pathways.

    We ‘stress-test’ ventures, graduating them through a series of analytic steps, using custom IP and frameworks, designed to ground our recommendations in  the venture’s current reality.

    Who we are

    We are experienced partners, passionate about new venture science. We have envisioned, built-out and invested in successful ventures of our own, and we have helped others do the same.


    We are conceptual creatives, builders, analysts and investors. 24 RedStones is the culmination of our experience with new ventures and products, both in virgin entrepreneurial settings, and from within leading international players in the management consulting, financial services and health industries.

    Between us we have covered the gambit, either initiating, building, investing in, or exiting exceptional businesses and products in widespread daily use, across multiple geographies.

    Founding partners

    Jacus Engelbrecht is a strategy and execution professional adept at building value rapidly and often. Jacus has twenty+ years international experience venturing in financial services and management consulting, with a focus on digital and data.

    Limont Lehman is a conceptual creative with a deep curiosity for the science behind how successful organisations are formed. Limont has twenty+ years in multi-faceted environments conceptualising, co-founding, building and fuelling new ventures.