24 RedStone Ventures creates businesses and provides analysis products to entrepreneurial, venture capital and private equity communities. We originate concepts, meticulously validating and setting them for scale. Select components of the validation engine are available to entrepreneurs and investors as confidential paid engagements.

How we work

We maximise returns on investment opportunities by continuously stress testing and refining the interdependencies that underpin an integrated commercial proposition. Our business science based validation engine is designed to dramatically improve investment success by remaining market focused and capital light.

Commercial Stress Testing

Our activities are underpinned by a Commercial Stress Test (CST) maintained at key inflection points on an asset’s journey. The CST details how the complex forces affecting a business should be aligned for success, and underpins all our strategic and resource allocation decisions.

What is the CST?

The Commercial Stress Test (CST) interrogates the complex set of inter-linked commercial principles behind any business or concept, ensuring these remain critically sound and matched to the market potential.

The CST is used by:

  • Investors wanting to make better decisions,
  • Entrepreneurs and managers looking to scale effectively, and
  • Corporate executives investigating new lines of business.

Why do it?

The Commercial Stress Test (CST) ensures the the various internal and external forces influencing a business are balanced and managed to take full advantage of the market opportunity.

We use the CST to:

  • Compare opportunities across sectors and stages of maturity
  • Drive strategy in underlying assets
  • Conduct effective negotiations with stakeholders, and
  • Balance our portfolio, backing the most valuable assets

Benefits of the CST

Investors (Angel, VC, PE)

  • Guide investment decision making & reduce investment risk
  • Identify red flags & potential smoking guns
  • Target & fine tune due diligence processes
  • Ground valuations & financial models in reality
  • Ensure portfolio assets stay on track to fully exploit opportunities

Owners and Managers

  • Provides a strategic “reality-check”
  • Informs high level planning decisions and resource allocation
  • Significantly reduces the risk of business failure
  • Informs financial modelling and valuation

Corporate Execs

  • Get an objective view of the attractiveness of an early stage opportunity
  • Identify principle risks & avoid costly misallocation of resources
  • Informs financial modelling and valuation

Founding partners

Jacus Engelbrecht

Jacus is a specialist in strategic business transformation, with a focus on delivering value to customers rapidly and frequently. Before co-founding 24 RedStone Ventures Jacus spent ten years as an executive at Old Mutual, focusing on strategy and execution and as a member of the Digital & Data Exco. Before that he spent decade in the UK working in financial service consulting, including at Accenture.

Limont Lehman

Limont is an organisational polymath with a deep passion for the science behind how successful companies are built, and what makes them last. Limont’s career has spanned management consulting, venture capital, various entrepreneurial ventures, public health management at an executive level, and angel investing.

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