What’s in a name?

On the site where Albert Einstein’s birth home once stood, is a sculpture made of 24 red granite blocks.

An inspiring man…

Albert Einstein was a visual and creative thinker with an exceptional intellect. If there has ever been a quintessential human mind that blended imagination and science perfectly, it was his.

Beyond this obvious parallel with our work to bring scientific rigour to the art of venture creation, his life and his character remain an inspiration to us.

Born in a small town…

Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany, where he lived for just six weeks. His birth home was destroyed in the second world war, but it’s memory lives on in the form of a sculpture made of 24 red granite blocks, each representing an hour of the day. 

It was the brainchild of the founding director of the Ulm School of Design, Max Bill. 

Who admired an artist…

Albert was said to be entranced by the wire sculptures of artist Alexander Calder. The images on our site are modern digital depictions of his style.